About the Photographer


William Brown

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"Choose a JOB you Love, and you will Never have to WORK a day in your Life."


Margaret Nowak

I was born in Corpus Christi, TX., and after attending college for Visual Communication Design/ Graphic Design in Austin and living up there for close to 12 years, I returned to the Coastal Bend area. When I was going to school I also taught Preschool for many years, mostly Two's and under. Photography was always just a hobby of mine throughout the years, I never imagined I could make a living doing something I was passionate about like photography. When I moved back down to this area in 2012 I was researching job opportunities I entered the words, "Preschool" or "Photography" and there it was: "Preschool Photographer"!! There it was, the perfect job for me. By day, I'm your local Lifetouch Preschooler 'Picture Day Lady.' This allows me to also have my own Photography company and fulfill my dream of doing what I love. So basically, when I'm not taking pictures, I'm taking pictures. ;)

Catherine Riccardo

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Harold Eckart

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Gary Nowak

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